Our dirty Christmas apartment

Our Christmas decorations, did you really think I’d show how dirty the rest of our apartment is?

Our Christmas decorations, did you really think I’d show how dirty the rest of our apartment is?

With the holidays growing near, the rush is on to finish all our last minute work projects, which seem to spring up like mushrooms in the shade of vacation time, and prepare for the transatlantic journey back to California.
Since we never host Christmas, the apartment starts looking more and more haggard as the holiday season continues on. Right now, all the radiators are covered with damp clothes, as I try to dry laundry in a hurry before our plane leaves Tuesday. (For those who have never had the pleasure, a cast iron radiator is the poor man’s dryer.)

The last few weeks have left me breathless in between spending extra hours at work, going out with various groups of colleagues and/or friends and taking public transportation to get back and forth from said activities. In turn, the growth in the laundry pile has been proportional to the number of hours spent outside the apartment.

Despite the fatigue, I took a few minutes to sprinkle holiday decorations around our radio next to the Christmas gifts for my husband and me (along with one free one he got from the pharmacy). Even if my decorating skills pale in comparison to my mother’s spread back in the states, I’m glad to have a little something to brighten up the season.

Until next time, joyeuses fêtes!    


2 thoughts on “Our dirty Christmas apartment

  1. No worries. We used to always go somewhere else when we lived in rentals and thus never did a very good job of decorating. All of our attention was on the packing and making sure we had presents for everyone. Now that we own a house it is the first time I can finally fulfill my dreams of a wreath on our front door and a Christmas tree of our own. It surprises me how early we are and that we already have our tree up and decorated. Can’t believe it! Your day of decorating to your satisfaction will come!

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