Are plans to raise college tuition in France an American hustle?

Credit: Françoise Class

Credit: Françoise Class

On January 28th 2014, Mediapart published a blog post entitled, “Students: your registration fees are going to increase!” that you can read here: (in French). The tuition hikes, which concern France’s elite engineering schools, l’Ecole des Mines and Télécom, represent an over 70% increase compared to last year’s tuition and registration fees.

As an occasional reader of Le Monde and the free newspaper that I pick up on the metro in the morning, this information passed quietly under my radar. No reports of student riots made it onto the news and if the story was reported, it was done so in a most discrete manner.
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Save France from deep-sea bottom trawling

Yesterday, one of my favorite comic book artists posted a great piece about upcoming legislation concerning deep-sea trawling in the European Union. Her witty piece brings to light a very important case of government subsidies going to a destructive and unprofitable industry.

You can visit Pénélope Bagieu’s site today to learn more about the impact of deep-sea trawling in the EU.

Even if you’re not so environmental, she has a lot of funny comics about everyday life. Take a look!